It's time to think about high school tests - part 2

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by Mary Schofield

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When students reach high school, it seems they are bombarded with a battery of tests. Last week, we looked at the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and ACT. In this part, we’ll look at some more tests for high school students:

  •  GED
  • AP
  • CLEP


It's time to think about high school tests - part 1

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by Mary Schofield

When students reach high school, it seems they are bombarded with a battery of tests. There are enough tests offered to make it very confusing and, to make matters worse, they are titled by letters, not names, and many of the names have changed over the years. So it is hard to identify the test and what it is for. This makes it hard to tell which ones would be worth taking and which could be skipped. Let’s take a look at exams for college applications:


Letting Go

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by Marilyn Rockett

As I explored bookstores, I discovered a plethora of books about training children, discipline, knowing your child, loving your teen, making family memories . . . the list is endless. But where were the books and advice on handling the inevitable transition from the busy years of raising a family to the empty nest.

Oh yes, there were plenty of colorful selections about careers, hobbies, travel, and so forth—all the possibilities to occupy your time now that you weren’t training, teaching, and loving little ones. But absent were books about that difficult season of “letting go”? It is hard—harder than a mother imagines it will be before she begins to realize it is happening.


Start entrepreneurship education this summer

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by Andrew Pudewa
AHEAD Conference Speaker

Soon it will be summer. Although there are a few hard-core homeschool families who go year-round with their formal studies, and others, who in an effort to “finish” the curriculum for the year, end up working until late July, many families take the summer “off.” And while there may still be a few that need their children working on the farm to feed the family, for many summer is a season of less structure, more leisure (sometimes too much?), and an opportunity to do special things that require time not easy to find during the school year.


Have a produce market in your backyard

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by Susan K. Stewart
AHEAD Blog Content Manager

Each morning, just at first light, I go out to tend my garden. Since I live on eight and one-half acres, you might get the false impression that I have an acre or two planted in nice neat rows. No, my plot is six feet by twelve feet. This size is enough to supplement the grocery budget, even when five people lived in our home.

I learned to garden when we lived on a 60-foot by 90-foot lot, barely room for our three-bedroom house. I could have used the entire backyard, but then where would the kids play and conduct science experiments. It is possible to have a vegetable garden no matter where you live.


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