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Strong-willed children are a blessing

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by Joanne Miller
RN, BSN on Parenting

There’s a lot of talk about strong-willed kids. These children know what they want and are not easily deterred. They’re often driven, inflexible, and know how others should fit into their plans. They have the determination to face resistance, even if that resistance is some kind of authority in their lives.

The reality is that these kids will likely be leaders in the future, and they demonstrate many of those qualities now. However, all good leaders need to learn how to follow and if not trained, these kids can become tyrants. So, parents of these gifted children have their work cut out for them.


Homeschool convention: Is it worth the cost?

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by Cindy Nicolai

I recently heard some moms talking about convention. One was so excited about coming
while the other had never attended and just wasn’t sure it was worth her time and money.

As I thought about her statement, my mind wandered back to my first convention.


Is there a time to quit?

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by Lorna Shaw
Speaker at CAPE-New Mexico Convention

Have you ever thought about giving up on home schooling?

I have thought about quitting, but a wise pastor once told me that a decision to quit should never be made when I was tired, frustrated, or discouraged. He used examples from Nehemiah to make his point.  


Handwriting practice can be fun

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by Denise Eide
Speaker at MassHOPE Convention
April 24-26

Letter Dictationgirl writing in the sandProvide students with a whiteboard, chalkboard, sensory box, or paper. Say the sounds of one of the letters. Direct the students to write the letter.

Blind Writing
Direct the students to close their eyes and write the letter five to ten times without looking. Without visual cues, the students must rely on muscle memory. Instruct the students to open their eyes and choose the letter which is written the most legibly.


5 Reason to Not Give Your Child an iPad

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by Connie Rossini

Are your kids begging you to buy them a tablet, Wii, or smartphone? Here are five reasons you should say no, in reverse order of importance.

5. All your friends and neighbors regret they gave in.

Have you talked to any parent who has said, “I’m so glad we bought our son video games?” or, “I wish our daughter spent more time texting?” Although this may not be true of our society as a whole, every relative, homeschool parent, and friend I have discussed the subject with tell me, “Don’t do it.”


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