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I bet you can't do that, Mom!

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by David Watkins

Several years ago one of our younger sons was learning how to ride a bicycle.  On the street in front of our house, our older children were bike rider jumpinghelping him learn the basic maneuvers and techniques for balancing on two wheels.  Making sure to watch for any traffic, which might venture into the area, they would run down the street alongside of him in case he lost control.  When he fell, they would try it again and share some more pointers with him.  He finally progressed sufficiently over the next few days to the point that my wife thought that if she rode with him, he might be able to safely ride his bicycle to the community sports baseball game in which one of our other sons was playing.  


What Are the Advantages of a Homeschool Conference?

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And how to get the most out of it

Part 2 of 2 by Nancy Manos
AHEAD Partner Blogger

Read Part 1

From my experience, absolutely nothing can compare to gathering together with thousands of other parents who share the same conviction and passion for teaching their children at home. The atmosphere is charged when you get that many people together in one place, with one heart and one purpose. It is invigorating and refreshing just to be there in person with so many fellow homeschoolers.


Should You Attend a Homeschool Conference?

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Part 1 of 2 by Nancy Manos
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From my observation, homeschooling parents seem to fall into three categories as it relates to the homeschool conference …

1. There’s the “I wouldn’t miss it for the world” crowd,
2. The “I already have my curriculum and don’t really need to go” folks, and
3. Then there’s the “I’d like to go someday, but probably not this year” group.

The majority of those who attend an annual homeschool conference tend to be “die hard” fans who would be very disappointed if circumstance caused them to miss even one year—even if they’ve been homeschooling a long time and don’t need a lot of resources or workshops to attend. 


What is your mission?

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by Jarrod Bell
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What is your mission? What are your values?

This Christmas break, I decided to get a lot of books from the library (creative, education, psychology, etc). One of those books pressed upon me the necessity of defining your values personally. I’ve never really thought of spending much time thinking about my core values. However, I am excited with what I am learning.


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