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Friend to Friend

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A special word from The Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership, Coordinators of the AHEAD conferences. 

Homeschooling freedoms are always being challenged. If you have followed the recent Romeike family case with HSLDA, it looks as if homeschooling inAmerica is not considered a right, but a privilege. If it is a privilege, who grants it? Who can take it away? Other private forms of education may be at risk as well. 


A Quick Life Hack for Busy Parents

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by Jarrod Bell
AHEAD Partner Blogger

I used to excel at wasting time on the Internet reading things. However, I have realized, I don’t have time to read them because I am on the computer for other reasons (mostly work related). So I needed to do something about it. I am also a homeschooling parent so I have to organize my time wisely in order to get everything done but I do want to keep up with blogs, specials, social media, and other important information. So how do I manage?


Nine College Rules

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by Dr. Bruce Eagleson

Not every homeschool graduate will go to college, but many will. If you do attend college, it is worth the time and trouble to do it well. Manyscholar¬ships and many jobs are dependent on getting good grades.

The Eaglesons have had a lot of experience in college. There are six of us in the immediate family, Mom, Dad and four children. We have the following degrees: 6 high school diplomas, 1 associate's degree, 6 bachelors degrees, 2 master's degrees, 1 PhD and one MD. Thus we have had long experience with college.


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