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10 easy steps make STRESSLESS holidays

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by Marilyn Rockett

A homeschooling mother has more to do on most days than almost any human on the planet must accomplish. Then the holidays arrive! Disorganization adds stress and frustration to what should be a happy time. Perhaps these ten principles will help you “stress less” as you celebrate this joyous season.

See God’s Perspective: In the bustle of life, we forget to see things from God’s perspective.


5 Mistakes that Keep Homeschools from Thriving

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by Belinda Bullard
AHEAD Partner Blogger

Hindsight truly is 20/20. If we are blessed enough, the Lord moves us from glory to glory, allowing us to reflect upon our past from a place of knowledge, understanding, and peace. Moreover, His soothing balm of grace and mercy allows us to then gracefully share with others our own missteps in the hopes that someone else will be blessed by what we did and did not do. Having said that, it would be easy for me to consider those earliest years of homeschooling and wince. I could breathe a sigh of relief that it was not until three to four years later when I began to blog and chronicle our days. Through God’s eyes, however, I can recount those days and hopefully bless someone else with my thoughts on five areas that keep our homeschools from thriving in the early days:


What Is Your Worldview?

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by Susan K. Beatty

  • What is your worldview?
  • Is your worldview based on the Bible?
  • What is child training?
  • Do you know what Scripture says about training children?
  • What is education?
  • Why do we educate our children?

Your answers to these questions affect your commitment to educating and training your children, your curriculum, methods, and goals. The answers form a foundation, a reason to homeschool that leads to conviction and then to commitment. When you don’t have this foundation, you are susceptible to being swayed by tough times or every new idea that comes along.


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