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God Cares...About Paperclips?

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by Susan K. Stewart
AHEAD Blog Content Manager

In less than twelve hours, a couple thousand people would line up for the opening of the convention. As had become tradition prior to any major events, the convention committee gathered to pray. Around the table we prayed, "Bless this convention" and "Thank you for letting us be involved." One person surprised us with her petition, "God, please take care of the paper clips." Her prayer acknowledged that God is interested in every detail of our lives, right down to the paperclips.


Vocabulary Fun

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by Nancy Manos
AHEAD Partner Blogger

Over lunch at a restaurant, when the girls were about nine and eleven, our oldest daughter Olivia said she wanted to get her hair cut in a particularrandom words? style. I wasn’t in favor of this and a conflict arose between us. My husband—ever the problem solver—began asking each of us questions to help us understand the other’s position and hopefully come to an agreement. When neither of us would bend, our younger daughter, who had been pretty quiet during most of the discussion, chimed in and stated that it seemed we had reached an impasse. 

James and I were duly impressed with her appropriate use of this word at a very unexpected moment. “Impasse” was a vocabulary word Alex learned through our Words of the Week vocabulary activity.  We all had a good laugh together and enjoyed the rest of our lunch. I don’t recall what we decided about Olivia’s hair, but I’ll never forget Alex’s use of her vocabulary word at just the right time.


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