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It's time to think about high school tests - part 2

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by Mary Schofield

Read part 1

When students reach high school, it seems they are bombarded with a battery of tests. Last week, we looked at the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and ACT. In this part, we’ll look at some more tests for high school students:

  •  GED
  • AP
  • CLEP


Letting Go

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by Marilyn Rockett

As I explored bookstores, I discovered a plethora of books about training children, discipline, knowing your child, loving your teen, making family memories . . . the list is endless. But where were the books and advice on handling the inevitable transition from the busy years of raising a family to the empty nest.

Oh yes, there were plenty of colorful selections about careers, hobbies, travel, and so forth—all the possibilities to occupy your time now that you weren’t training, teaching, and loving little ones. But absent were books about that difficult season of “letting go”? It is hard—harder than a mother imagines it will be before she begins to realize it is happening.


Mistakes Writing Teachers Make

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by Andrew Pudewa
AHEAD Conference Speaker

We’ve all suffered it at one time or another: frustration about writing assignments.

Either on the receiving end, or perhaps now on the giving end, there can be a few distinctly discouraging aspects to teaching and being taught writing. The tough questions include:

  • What to correct and how to give a grade?
  • How much help is too much?
  • Isn’t the assignment clear enough?
  • Why don’t students find their own errors?


Strong-willed children are a blessing

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by Joanne Miller
RN, BSN on Parenting

There’s a lot of talk about strong-willed kids. These children know what they want and are not easily deterred. They’re often driven, inflexible, and know how others should fit into their plans. They have the determination to face resistance, even if that resistance is some kind of authority in their lives.

The reality is that these kids will likely be leaders in the future, and they demonstrate many of those qualities now. However, all good leaders need to learn how to follow and if not trained, these kids can become tyrants. So, parents of these gifted children have their work cut out for them.


Homeschool convention: Is it worth the cost?

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by Cindy Nicolai

I recently heard some moms talking about convention. One was so excited about coming
while the other had never attended and just wasn’t sure it was worth her time and money.

As I thought about her statement, my mind wandered back to my first convention.


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