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5 Reason to Not Give Your Child an iPad

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by Connie Rossini

Are your kids begging you to buy them a tablet, Wii, or smartphone? Here are five reasons you should say no, in reverse order of importance.

5. All your friends and neighbors regret they gave in.

Have you talked to any parent who has said, “I’m so glad we bought our son video games?” or, “I wish our daughter spent more time texting?” Although this may not be true of our society as a whole, every relative, homeschool parent, and friend I have discussed the subject with tell me, “Don’t do it.”


Homeschool Tiger Teacher

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by Penny Ross

sleeping tiger mother?I’d like to coin a new term–the Homeschool Tiger Teacher.  It starts from the now commonly accepted concept of a Tiger Mother who is, per UrbanDictionary.com “a mother who is overly strict with her child in order to foster an academically competitive spirit.”  The verb variant is to “shape one’s behavior by yelling, forcing, insulting, name calling, and other hardline tactics, bordering with emotional abuse.”

What does this have to do with homeschooling?  Don’t some people homeschool for the very reason of escaping the competitive spirit fostered by Tiger Moms?  Isn’t homeschooling more focused on developing the uniqueness of your child instead of trying to remake your child into something more like someone else?


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