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Start entrepreneurship education this summer

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by Andrew Pudewa
AHEAD Conference Speaker

Soon it will be summer. Although there are a few hard-core homeschool families who go year-round with their formal studies, and others, who in an effort to “finish” the curriculum for the year, end up working until late July, many families take the summer “off.” And while there may still be a few that need their children working on the farm to feed the family, for many summer is a season of less structure, more leisure (sometimes too much?), and an opportunity to do special things that require time not easy to find during the school year.


Summer Fun Doesn't Need To Be Expensive

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by Joyce Herzog
Speaker at Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators Convention

Joyce Herzog shares some ideas for your family to have fun this summer on a budget.

Fireworks. Do outdoors or on a protected surface. Use food color or any liquid paint. Make 3 to 5 small puddles on paper. Blow through a straw into the puddles. The paint will explode onto the paper looking like fireworks. Try it with different colors of paint and paper.

Eat outdoors. Have a picnic in the backyard or the park. Make it simple (peanut butter sandwiches and an apple) or fancy (fried chicken and the “fixins”) or even cook out (hot dogs on a stick and “s’mores”). For added fun eat watermelon and have a seed-spitting contest.


A Moment of Decision

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by Kevin Swanson

Every great social movement in the annals of history will see its great moments of decision. I believe that moment of decision has come for home education in America.

After years of healthy growth in home education in America, a new threat is developing on the horizon. Over the last several years many schools and school districts across the country have launched a plethora of programs specifically targeting homeschoolers. One school district provides a web-based program for homeschoolers. Another school district offers free curriculum, a home computer, and other benefits, as well as regular home visits from public school teachers ... and all of this is free. Another school district opens up any and all classes for homeschool participation.


Tips for Exhibit Hall Shoppers

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by Susan K. Stewart

Some homeschoolers attend a conference solely to buy curriculum in the exhibit hall. The exhibit hall can daze even a veteran convention goer. There are so many bright and shiny new items for sale every year. So it is necessary to enter with a battle plan.

A shopping list is an absolute must. Know in advance what you need to purchase for the upcoming year. Usually the major publishers and sellers return each year. By using last year’s catalogs, you can plan your purchases and their cost (add about 10 percent to last year’s prices).


Saving Money The Practical Way

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by Kara Rozendaal


Old School: A penny saved is a penny earned. 
Homeschool: A penny saved is a necessity!

The checkbook often tells the story of sacrifices made by homeschoolers. There are practical ways to simply trim expenses to alleviate budget woes and offset the sacrifices made.


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