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Should homeschooling be all-consuming?

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by Penny Ross
AHEAD Partner Blogger

“It only takes an hour or two in the early elementary years.” I heard this advice often when I was beginning to homeschool. And true—my actual teaching time was only an hour or two. But perhaps due to my planner/researcher/take charge personality, I soon found homeschooling taking over my life. After all, there were books to read, curriculum catalogs to pore over, supplies to track down, seminars to attend, and my entire house to re-arrange to accommodate all the new stuff. Not to mention, there was still all the usual all-day-long tasks of cooking, cleaning, and caring for three children.

We mommies can easily spend our days in crisis management mode, tending to the tyranny of the urgent (which means answering the loudest and highest-pitch scream first)


Hey, That’s Not Fair!

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by Hal and Melanie Young

Bickering and arguing can drive you crazy, can’t it? Yet our children usually learn to deal with conflict from us. When two sinners marry, sure, there are going to be times they disagree. It seems like our enemy works overtime, though, to bring conflict into homeschooling marriages.



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