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What's the problem with math? - Part 2

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by Penny Ross
AHEAD Partner Blogger

What’s the problem with math? Is it driving you or your children (or both) to tears? Daily? Hourly?

My last post covered some of the causes of the math problem? Are there any solutions—other than buying tissue by the case?

Actually, there are enough math resources available today to totally bury your house. Listed below are a few that I am familiar with. To begin searching for more, check out the Rainbow Resource Center catalog with more than 100 pages devoted to math textbooks, workbooks, manipulatives, DVDs, and computer software, or look at other homeschool suppliers.


What's the problem with math? - Part 1

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by Penny Ross
AHEAD Partner Blogger

What’s the problem with math?  The students in our homeschooling group struggle in this area. Standardized test scores confirm it in the elementary grades, and it is further validated as our students tackle algebra and higher math in the upper grades. Furthermore, I get many questions from other homeschooling moms concerning math. And recently, when I spoke to another homeschool group, one of their leaders mentioned math as a struggle for many in their group as well.

What causes this math problem?


Help your children connect the information skeleton

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by Susan August

I've read a lot of homeschool magazines and books over the last several years. A lot of the things I've read have long been forgotten. There is one idea, however that has stuck with me. I would even venture to say that it has become somewhat central in a lot of my homeschooling decisions. I don't remember where I read it, but it was in an article by Mary Pride. She said that her blueprint for homeschooling was to create a sort of information "skeleton" and then keep adding on to it until it was a living thing instead of just bare bones. In other words, link new material to things your kids already know.


Start entrepreneurship education this summer

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by Andrew Pudewa
AHEAD Conference Speaker

Soon it will be summer. Although there are a few hard-core homeschool families who go year-round with their formal studies, and others, who in an effort to “finish” the curriculum for the year, end up working until late July, many families take the summer “off.” And while there may still be a few that need their children working on the farm to feed the family, for many summer is a season of less structure, more leisure (sometimes too much?), and an opportunity to do special things that require time not easy to find during the school year.


What Are the Advantages of a Homeschool Conference?

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And how to get the most out of it

Part 2 of 2 by Nancy Manos
AHEAD Partner Blogger

Read Part 1

From my experience, absolutely nothing can compare to gathering together with thousands of other parents who share the same conviction and passion for teaching their children at home. The atmosphere is charged when you get that many people together in one place, with one heart and one purpose. It is invigorating and refreshing just to be there in person with so many fellow homeschoolers.


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