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Homeschool convention: Is it worth the cost?

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by Cindy Nicolai

I recently heard some moms talking about convention. One was so excited about coming
while the other had never attended and just wasn’t sure it was worth her time and money.

As I thought about her statement, my mind wandered back to my first convention.


What Are the Advantages of a Homeschool Conference?

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And how to get the most out of it

Part 2 of 2 by Nancy Manos
AHEAD Partner Blogger

Read Part 1

From my experience, absolutely nothing can compare to gathering together with thousands of other parents who share the same conviction and passion for teaching their children at home. The atmosphere is charged when you get that many people together in one place, with one heart and one purpose. It is invigorating and refreshing just to be there in person with so many fellow homeschoolers.


Should You Attend a Homeschool Conference?

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Part 1 of 2 by Nancy Manos
AHEAD Partner Blogger

From my observation, homeschooling parents seem to fall into three categories as it relates to the homeschool conference …

1. There’s the “I wouldn’t miss it for the world” crowd,
2. The “I already have my curriculum and don’t really need to go” folks, and
3. Then there’s the “I’d like to go someday, but probably not this year” group.

The majority of those who attend an annual homeschool conference tend to be “die hard” fans who would be very disappointed if circumstance caused them to miss even one year—even if they’ve been homeschooling a long time and don’t need a lot of resources or workshops to attend. 


Friend to Friend

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A special word from The Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership, Coordinators of the AHEAD conferences. 

Homeschooling freedoms are always being challenged. If you have followed the recent Romeike family case with HSLDA, it looks as if homeschooling inAmerica is not considered a right, but a privilege. If it is a privilege, who grants it? Who can take it away? Other private forms of education may be at risk as well. 


What Are AHEAD Conferences?

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by Mary Ann Eagleson

people working togetherThe National Alliance for Christian Home Education Leadership (NACHEL- referred to as the Alliance) is a non-profit group that supports leaders serving leaders in the homeschooling community. Ten years ago it assumed its present name. The individuals associated with this group have met for over twenty years at an annual conference to share their expertise and insight on conducting homeschool conferences, running state organizations, and discussing the many issues homeschoolers face year round.



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