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I bet you can't do that, Mom!

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by David Watkins

Several years ago one of our younger sons was learning how to ride a bicycle.  On the street in front of our house, our older children were bike rider jumpinghelping him learn the basic maneuvers and techniques for balancing on two wheels.  Making sure to watch for any traffic, which might venture into the area, they would run down the street alongside of him in case he lost control.  When he fell, they would try it again and share some more pointers with him.  He finally progressed sufficiently over the next few days to the point that my wife thought that if she rode with him, he might be able to safely ride his bicycle to the community sports baseball game in which one of our other sons was playing.  


My Son, Give Me Your Heart!

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by Kevin Swanson

Have you ever packed everything into the car for a vacation, pulled out of the driveway, accelerated up on to the freeway, and suddenly realized that you had remembered everything except for . . . one of the children? Have you ever bought a used car only to find out after signing the paperwork that the engine was missing? That is very much the way education has developed over the last century. It seems that we have remembered everything, except for what is vital.


A Father and a Son

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by Kevin Swanson

I sit here in the car driving home from the office. My twelve-year-old son sits next to me and I think back on the years in which our relationship developed into what it is today. When the doctors pulled that little guy out of the womb (by C-section) almost thirteen years ago, he screamed like banshee, and just kept on screaming. . . for years, only taking a breath now and then for eating and sleeping. That’s how we were abruptly and a little rudely introduced to parenting so many years ago.

At the beginning, fathering for me involved bringing home a paycheck and a good night kiss on his forehead.



A Boy-Friendly Homeschool

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By Hal and Melanie Young

There are days when we look at our sons and think, "If they were in school, they'd be on so many pillsboy reading mapthey'd rattle when they walked."   At one point before our oldest graduated, Melanie was teaching six boys aged eighteen to six.  Was it noisy?  You bet.  Active?  Quite.  Chaotic?  Oh boy.  It still is.

And guess what?  They still learn, and they do quite well on outside measures like the SAT and ACT, AP exams, and other standardized tests.  And our oldest moved comfortably into one of the most challenging colleges in the country.


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