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What is NACHEL?

What is the The National Alliance for Christian Home Education Leadership?
The National Alliance for Christian Home Education Leadership (NACHEL- referred to as the Alliance) is a non-profit group that supports leaders serving leaders in the homeschooling community. Ten years ago it assumed its present name. The individuals associated with this group have met for over 20 years at an annual conference to share their expertise and insight on conducting homeschool conferences, running state organizations, and discussing the many issues homeschoolers face year round.

The Alliance
The Alliance represents 48 affiliate organizations from 45 states, Canada and Mexico and has over 1,000 years of cumulative homeschooling experience. Frequently leaders from other nations participate in our yearly conference and in other affiliate events. In addition, the affiliates are well connected throughout the year. These are all fully Christian statewide organizations that have a statement of faith, and bylaws that ensure perpetual Christian leadership for these groups. In fact, these are requirements for organizations to affiliate with the Alliance. However, anyone may attend any of the state conventions as no membership is required to do this.

Homeschooling has grown so much that it is now a viable market. These groups have quietly served the homeschooling communities in their locales for many years, bringing wonderful conferences to the homeschooling community. The proceeds of these non-profit state conferences are used to serve the people in their locales after the conferences are over. The boards of these organizations have diverted very little if any money to marketing. Instead, they use the proceeds to help support groups, assist with efforts to keep homeschooling freedoms alive and well, and support the homeschooling community with viable information about homeschooling in their locales and beyond.

American Home Education and Discipleship Conferences (AHEAD)
However, as the winds of change have brought homeschooling to the marketplace, we have seen the advent of for-personal-profit homeschooling conventions. As you might expect, these have had an adverse effect on many of the non-profit conferences associated with the non-profit state homeschool organizations. God alone knows what is in store for any of these organizations, but without the support of the homeschooling community in their states, there is some risk that their ministry to homeschoolers will diminish, as it has in some cases, or be lost altogether. The for-personal-profit conference organizers leave once the vendor hall is empty. The state specific Christian organizations are just beginning their work to assist homeschoolers in their locales when their conferences end. As you choose a conference to explore homeschooling and purchase curriculum, we hope you will consider the long-range questions of homeschooling and support the non-profit, specifically Christian conferences associated with the Alliance. These are called the American Home Education and Discipleship Conferences (AHEAD).

These conferences seek to honor their stated Christian beliefs by having vendors and speakers that reflect those convictions. AHEAD Conference organizers see the call to Christian Education as one of their highest values, and leave the question of alternative belief systems in the hands of parents, rather than in the vendor hall per se. Though there is great variety, most of the vendor hall choices are Christian in orientation.

Very early in the spring of 2010, the Alliance announced to the public its collective name for these 48 loosely associated, but solidly Christian homeschooling conferences, as mentioned above: American Home Education and Discipleship Conferences. As we already exist and have been serving the homeschooling community as a collective group for roughly 20-25 years, we have decided to make our history known and work together to educate the homeschooling community and others about one of the best known secrets in the realm of educating and discipling children at home.